Monday, March 30, 2009

"OH BOO" MOMENT 041508

nancpop was having a conversation with the four year old son of his boss who has picked up the fishing bug lately.

pop'll take our children and the neighbor children and anybody who wants to go to the pond on the land belonging to his boss. the four year old always wants to tag along so he's welcome - hey, it's his land too!

back to the conversation. pop asked the four year old how many fish he caught on his last fishing trip to the pond and he said he'd caught three or four. then pop asked, "and, how many did your daddy catch?" "none."

"now, why do you suppose he's not catching any fish and you are?"

the four year old in all his wisdom, "he just doesn't know what he's doing!"

...oh boo...

Friday, March 27, 2009

"OH BOOs" 032709

despite the threatening weather today, we decided to go to silver dollar city in branson as little was meeting up with her church folk for young christian's weekend. we're quite used to being ditched shortly after entering so we tend to go our merry way, enjoying what WE like to do - eat, watch people, eat, go watch a show, eat, go watch another show, eat, ride the train, eat, go to the bathroom...and this is where it usually gets interesting.

i was headed to the bathroom to wash up after a snack while nancpop spotted the chilluns about to board one of my favorite scary rides and wanted to get photos of them and some of their old friends from another church. along the way i passed this couple seated at a bench and the man got up with a bag similar to the one above and set it down next to his wife - she gave him a "look" and he said, "please keep an eye on that for me." to which she responded, "i'm NOT carrying your manbag for you today!"

...first oh boo...

we're home now settling in when pop's cell phone gets a message - he was thinking it might be zgirl returning his message to her, but it was our friend the badger and his message was:

"you awake?"

pop's message back:


...second oh boo...

for some reason this tickled me to my core - i couldn't stop laughing and then pop looked at me and said, "i know what the badger's thinking, "DAYAM! i REALLY wanted to talk to him!""

...third oh boo...

great weekend to y'all!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


short story long scenario:

in the second week of february, 2009, an ice storm went through this part of the state and although we had no idea the damage it did other than the area we live...we found that the area where our cabin is suffered much more so than the insulated little area we live now.

we've been spending quite a bit of time there in the past few weeks dragging limbs and brush, burning, raking and just making ourselves tired from saturday through sunday. amazingly enough not one single limb or tree came down and crushed the cabin - we had ONE bend in our rain gutter that nancpop forced back into place. the ONLY devastating instance of destruction was that a not-so-mighty (14" base) oak snapped and took our phone and power out, but alas, not before the power went out to the area for the week - so we had no hot wires flopping about on the ground.

the cabin has been running off extension cords from the power pole, which is a pain in the arse, mostly because of the refrigerator - you cannot run a microwave, the ceiling fan, a heater in the bathhouse, or a television without tripping a breaker and stumbling around in the dark with a flashlight to turn everything back on!

there is a routine to every trip to the mountain. first, get there! unload the vehicle, start a fire in the woodstove or turn on the a/c (whichever the weather calls for - we used BOTH this weekend past), put all the groceries away, take all the bedding out, put towels and toiletries in the bathhouse, pump water from tanks to holding barrels in bathhouse, begin the water heating process which usually takes the better part of a day as we heat it in a five gallon stock pot, fill the bird feeders - and for the most part these past several weeks, cut limbs, drag brush, rake until you think your arms will fall off, and if by good fortune it is or has been raining - start some bigarse fires!

sunday morning on my way to the bathhouse i noticed that one of my feeders on a pole stuck in a stump was bent completely over to the ground - perplexed i asked pop, "how on earth do you think THAT happened?" he had no good answer so we went about our day well into the evening until we were just dog-tired enough to sit down, eat and watch a movie - no yahtzee this time.

monday morning found us packing up, making sure all the propane was turned off, things unplugged, make sure all leaf and debris fires were out - and of course, pop had to go check his deer feeding areas and as i'm going toward the front door to carry something to the deck, here he comes with a big turd in his hands and asks, "do you know what this is?" "i'm sure it's a rocky road candy bar with sunflower seeds instead of nuts in it.", thinking to myself, but thought better and allowed my demure side to kick in, "why no - what is it?" "it's a bear turd, pretty fresh too i might add - probably laid just since we've been here. when i broke it open, it was still oozy on the inside which means probably less than 48 hours old." "oh." "do you know how i know?" "no." "well, a bear and a cow are the only animals that poop like this and you don't see any cows out there, now do you?" "no."

"that bear is more than likely the animal that pulled your feeder over to the ground the first night we were here." "really?" "here, smell it (handing it out to me)." "not even with YOUR nose!"

the first night we were there found me out in the bathhouse with no weapon save my cellphone - i had to walk right past that feeder on my way back into the cabin. i'm thinkin' that bear must've heard of me - that or there was a renegade cow on the loose with opposable thumbs and the ability to stand up to a six foot height and pull that feeder and pole clean over to the ground...

...oh boo...

note to self: take gun to bathhouse.

Friday, March 20, 2009


okay - so we get a GREAT deal on this house and the loan's in order. DON'T make this month's payment, first bank tells us, as the house will be paid in the loan and a new set of payments will be scheduled. no problem we say and go on our merry way making sure everything is in order. emphasis mine throughout.

march 17, 2009

assumed loan #xxxxxxx from sellers
p.o. box xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx,AR xxxxx

dear nancfamily:

our records show that you have not made the payment which is due on 03/06/09 for loan #xxxxxxx. the account is past due. this letter is just a reminder that a payment of $62,591.41 will bring your account up to date.

yes, we know it's past due - you told us to NOT make the payment as everything is in order...well until you found there was a problem and that our neighbor had already bought our house and we would be buying his. but i'll get a check for $62,591.00 in the mail to you posthaste as i have an extra sitting about.

we are sure this is just an oversight and you wish to make your payment on a timely basis to avoid possible late charges and to protect your credit rating.

oversight on whose part? what are the late charges on $62,591.41? just out of curiosity...

if you have any questions about your loan or need additional information, please call us at your convenience. if you've already sent us your payment, please disregard this notice.

we already called you. and as soon as i scrape together the other $0.41 i'll get it right on down to the bank!

thank you for your business.

oh, no, no, no, thank you.

xxxxxxx x. xxxxxxxxxx

...oh boo...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"oh boo" moment 011508

okay, so the other night when we were on our way to the school play, as we zipped through the 25 mph posted sign, i said to nancpop, "HEY! it's 25 here, put the car in second and that insures you don't go over the speed limit!"

in his most masculine voice he "shushed" me and said, "QUIET WOMAN!" i allow him to do this to soothe his masculine ego..."okay..." i was thinking in my mind.

but first, this message from another "oh boo" moment:

a few years ago, the school band teacher insulted zgirl in front of the whole class and hurt her feelings needlessly and after she told me about it, i said, "don't worry about it, he will be taken care of - it's not our battle."

monday morning, his wife (the other band teacher) said that over the weekend he ran over a ground hornet nest and ended up in the hospital in anaphylactic shock from the multitudes of stings he'd received...oh boo...

my husband said that i needed to STOP putting whammies on everyone! and i responded that i DON'T put whammies on anybody, as that was not my job.

okay, back to the original story.

as a woman, it is my duty to do a little backseat driving - after all, i AM in the backseat (by choice as the seats are more comfortable) and while on our way to the school play i suggested we were going a little fast for town...

after mulling this over for a day or so, i said out loud, "Lord, please give pop a wake-up call and make him slow down before somebody gets hurt!" i did this two other times and he was pulled over and warned each time.

this evening, as we were visiting about all our days held for us - out of the blue he said, "you're not going to like this, but i got a speeding ticket today."

well, i started laughing my tail end off! earlier that day i had told zgirl, "i hope your father gets a ticket for speeding - i don't know what else to do! he goes too fast and all the while talking on his cell phone! he needs a ticket - the warnings didn't work!"

after i told him about my incident with zgirl, he sunk back in his chair and i asked him, "are you going to slow down now?" he responded, "yes."

...oh boo...

p.s. - NO, i am NOT into voodoo, but believe wholeheartedly everything happens for a good reason and in all things i give thanks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


last night pop and i were conversating about some of our favorite activities as youngsters - his was backpacking. not your ordinary packing, but packing with one of those huge military type packs such as the one above. he told me that sometimes his pack would weigh NINETY POUNDS!

...first oh boo...

i asked, "what'd you carry - cast iron skillets?" his response, "yes."

...second oh boo...

but then he got smart and started carrying lighter weight materials and i asked him which kind. to which he responded:

"loads of cup of ramen noodles, spanish peanuts, all my fishing gear, a bottle of peroxide, a sleeping bag, my hatchet, fillet knife, pocket knife, and a sewing kit."


"yes, a sewing kit - just in case i went wrong with the hatchet, fillet knife or pocket knife i could stitch myself up." oh boo...

Thursday, March 05, 2009


all names within this moment are made up to protect the innocent AND guilty.

yesterday, in one of nancson's honor's classes all the class was admiring previous art work done by other students. and no, it was not an art class.

one in party cooler was a still life of flowers and a couple of others were of barebreasted women.

the young men were all gaga over the barebreasted drawings and paintings, when the teacher, mr. so-and-so stated, "they are so perky!" at which time all the boys, including nancson, began busting up like teenage boys do. mr. so-and-so turned on them and said, "i was speaking of sylvia's flowers!"

...oh boo...

Monday, March 02, 2009


for some strange reason all the neighborhood children like to hang about in OUR yard and in our home. oh sure - it doesn't help to have over 700 kidz' movies - three dogs two cats, and two teens but they visit nonetheless. did i mention the snackage?

well, here the other day one of the little fellers was too lazy to walk home so asked nancpop if he'd give him a ride in his truck - of course he could have walked as his house is only about a football field away.

they entered THE truck and the young man (nine year old) commented, "it sure smells purty in here, mr. nancpop..." nancpop being polite, "well, thank you jordan - it must be my new air freshener." jordan, "soooooo, it's a man truck on the outside and a girl truck on the inside?" same kid beat him at chess the other evening when we had their family over to share supper.

...oh boo...

sure wish they'd make an air freshener that smells like a man who's been sweating for the better part of twelve hours out in the hot sun...oh yeah, and with boots on - that's the one i'd have in my girly car.