Sunday, September 27, 2009


We haven't been able to go to the cabin much in the past month as i was ailing with some sort of flu and then a whopping case of something akin to e.coli - we've been missing it dearly and are now neck deep involved with the band - competition coming up and neither of ours are in the band right now!

Bandos have always been a part of my adult life - all three play a variety of instruments and one in party cooler is a professional Christian contemporary worship singer (yeah, n.t.e.).

The other night it was "girl's night out" with four of us attending a concert with "Rush of Fools" at JBU in Siloam Springs - THEY ROCKED THE CATHEDRAL! Then, just last night nancpop and i were treated to a benefit gospel at our local H.S. auditorium and one of the groups were "The Calvarymen" - TALK ABOUT A TREAT!

I was busy getting caught up on the news of my friends and family after our p.c. being down since 091109 and catching as catch can on the other laptops in the house and decided to get a new one - THIS ONE.

Anyhoo, got a note from Ma and was worried about their leaking roof and our not being able to help them out until a week or two from now - received a note back with loads of info, but this one really caught my eye and had me in stitches:

"My endoscopy was fine. All they found there was a hiatal hernia, nothing to worry about there. He said I need to keep taking my nexium, and watch what I eat.....So, I watch every thing I eat. I look at it real good, then I eat"

...oh boo...

I know what you mean, ma...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, while zgirl and her best friend were headed to lunch - they noticed a couple of freshman girls skipping down the hall, hand-in-hand, and acting goofily giddy - zgirl looked at her friend and said, "THAT is SOOOOOOOOOO immature!" while carrying her new lunchbox:

...oh boo...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


here a while back...12/31/07 to be exact...

nancpop and nancson were having a rousing game of "TRIVIAL PURSUIT" - they use me to answer the questions when they don't know the answers as i'm a trivia buff - one who knows a little about many things and more often than not, one who doesn't know EVERYTHING about ANY ONE THING!

son to pop, "what are the names of the tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus?"

after a moment or so of thought, pop assuredly replies, "THOSE, son, would be the FILIPINO tubes!"

...oh boo...

Monday, September 07, 2009


nancpop-n-zgirl-n-i went to the cabin for Labor Day Weekend - mostly to get much needed chores done - the area is still reeling from the ice storm at the end of this past winter - limbs broken and trees down everywhere...and we do not need them close to the old homestead.

all is going well until something hits me saturday night and knocks me down - ears - eyes - head - nose - fever - extreme fatty-gew - you name it - surely i'm going to die in about four more days of this!

...oh boo...

sunday night as i'm getting ready to go take a long, hot bath, zgirl challenges pop to a game of YAHTZEE and then i hear her ask him if he'll brush her hair - his dull response, "it's what i live for."

...oh boo...

she then asks him if he'll french braid her hair - he replies, "don't know how." her, "oh sure you do." he sternly answers, "AHA! i'll bet 'too slim and tails draggin'' (his term of endearment for her friend who's a boy) CAN'T braid either!" in my mind i hear him saying something like the farmer would say, "nanny-nanny, noo-noo!"

zgirl responds, "when we get home i'll find out and if he doesn't know how, then he soon will!"

...oh boo...

Thursday, September 03, 2009


WHAT does a full ride, four-year scholarship to MIT look like?

from what i understand, the student expense budget was around $50,000 per year in 2008/09.

it seems an acquaintance of one of our children got "girl fever" this summer, gave UP his full ride scholarship, took his measly student loans and followed her to the college she is attending.

...oh boo...

HEY! at least HE got "girl fever"!

...oh yay...