Monday, March 02, 2009


for some strange reason all the neighborhood children like to hang about in OUR yard and in our home. oh sure - it doesn't help to have over 700 kidz' movies - three dogs two cats, and two teens but they visit nonetheless. did i mention the snackage?

well, here the other day one of the little fellers was too lazy to walk home so asked nancpop if he'd give him a ride in his truck - of course he could have walked as his house is only about a football field away.

they entered THE truck and the young man (nine year old) commented, "it sure smells purty in here, mr. nancpop..." nancpop being polite, "well, thank you jordan - it must be my new air freshener." jordan, "soooooo, it's a man truck on the outside and a girl truck on the inside?" same kid beat him at chess the other evening when we had their family over to share supper.

...oh boo...

sure wish they'd make an air freshener that smells like a man who's been sweating for the better part of twelve hours out in the hot sun...oh yeah, and with boots on - that's the one i'd have in my girly car.