Friday, March 20, 2009


okay - so we get a GREAT deal on this house and the loan's in order. DON'T make this month's payment, first bank tells us, as the house will be paid in the loan and a new set of payments will be scheduled. no problem we say and go on our merry way making sure everything is in order. emphasis mine throughout.

march 17, 2009

assumed loan #xxxxxxx from sellers
p.o. box xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx,AR xxxxx

dear nancfamily:

our records show that you have not made the payment which is due on 03/06/09 for loan #xxxxxxx. the account is past due. this letter is just a reminder that a payment of $62,591.41 will bring your account up to date.

yes, we know it's past due - you told us to NOT make the payment as everything is in order...well until you found there was a problem and that our neighbor had already bought our house and we would be buying his. but i'll get a check for $62,591.00 in the mail to you posthaste as i have an extra sitting about.

we are sure this is just an oversight and you wish to make your payment on a timely basis to avoid possible late charges and to protect your credit rating.

oversight on whose part? what are the late charges on $62,591.41? just out of curiosity...

if you have any questions about your loan or need additional information, please call us at your convenience. if you've already sent us your payment, please disregard this notice.

we already called you. and as soon as i scrape together the other $0.41 i'll get it right on down to the bank!

thank you for your business.

oh, no, no, no, thank you.

xxxxxxx x. xxxxxxxxxx

...oh boo...