Tuesday, March 10, 2009


last night pop and i were conversating about some of our favorite activities as youngsters - his was backpacking. not your ordinary packing, but packing with one of those huge military type packs such as the one above. he told me that sometimes his pack would weigh NINETY POUNDS!

...first oh boo...

i asked, "what'd you carry - cast iron skillets?" his response, "yes."

...second oh boo...

but then he got smart and started carrying lighter weight materials and i asked him which kind. to which he responded:

"loads of cup of ramen noodles, spanish peanuts, all my fishing gear, a bottle of peroxide, a sleeping bag, my hatchet, fillet knife, pocket knife, and a sewing kit."


"yes, a sewing kit - just in case i went wrong with the hatchet, fillet knife or pocket knife i could stitch myself up."

...final oh boo...