Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is one of those posts where I hate to venture for the mere fact I like to keep this light and airy - and then thought to myself - what is more light and airy than gays in the military?

Many have heard me say that if not for a gay cousin of mine (quite a bit older) taking me and my siblings under his wing, we would not have had such a great childhood - he bought us a Honda 50 to tear it up in a field across the street from our house; he took us to Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the movies and was a joy to be around.

He was at our house regularly when he was stationed nearby - sharing meals and was like a big old brother. I love him. Back in the day the word "gay" had not been stolen by homosexuals and a rainbow was something only seen after a rain so we referred to him as "different". "Homo" was something only said in jest and never to a person who was "different"!

This whole business of offending gays in the military is, as my dear departed grandmother would call, "A CROCK OF HOOEY!" I agree - gays SHOULD be in the military - gays SHOULD have their own BRANCH of the military - gays SHOULD be sent in first to survey the situation (because who would give more detail to a situation?) - gays SHOULD have more rights in military combat because WHAT group of people have fought more for the rights to just be normal?

I do, however, draw the line at how this morning on Fox News, Adam Smith(D), Washington, describes HOW they are doing in the military - at least until they have their own branch of the military, "...fabulously..."

...oh boo...

Fabulously would be how I would describe how the draperies hang, or how someone like Halle Berry fits a gown, or a feeling after that first kiss...

Talk about Full Monty dialectics!

Is it my imagination or are the progressives trying to sissify our military? No offense to macho gays...

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


here awhile back...

Pop had to go have a knee injury checked at the urgent care that all the guys in the company use - needless to say, it is run by ALL women - they loved him! They loved him so much, they'd call him when he was home to visit with ME to tell me how much they loved him...

They were due to have their grand opening within the second month of operation and were having open houses and raffles and drawings. Pop got in on that!

Then, he proceeded to forget about it after he didn't need to go back for any check ups. One day he got a call from their office to tell him that he'd won one of the drawings and he could come and collect.When he arrived, they snickered a little as they handed him his envelope with his prize in it.

What do you suppose it was?


...oh boo...

Um, pop's totally bald...

Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay, so I AM a techtard.

I went to take a photo with my BB and stuck the little round circle from the photo on the right up to my eye and said to zgirl - "I CAN'T SEE A THING WITH THIS!"

Zgirl, "Turn it around, mama..."

...oh boo...

Monday, January 11, 2010

01/09/10 "OH BOO"

Zgirl went to the championship homeschool basketball games this afternoon.

We watched "Full Metal Jacket"...just because I'd never seen it before...oh boo...

Built a big salad, steamed some broccoli and made some scalloped potatoes to go with what pop had on the 'cue.

It's served up and nancson asks, "Oh, what's this - gamish corn hens?"

...oh boo...

After supper, pop, in all seriousness says, "I think I'm getting a feeling down here in my...(points to his throat)...philosophical tubes."

...oh boo...


Malapropisms Galore!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Pop and I were reminiscing here awhile back about special people in our lives and he recalled one of his friends growing up, a young black fellow (Richard) who had a stutter.

He, pop and pop's dad would always go fishing together throughout his high school years and after that lost touch for awhile.

One day many years later, Richard stopped by the ranch to catch up on old times and go fishing. Pop was so glad to see him and apparently so was pop's pop - he got all excited, grabbed him to shake his hand or hug him and said, "Richard, I haven't seen you in a 'coon's age!"

...oh boo...

Then followed it up with this, "No offense."

...oh boo...

My poor mother-in-law...