Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Photo courtesy lylefur.

I am reminded of the story a former co-worker told me of the first year she was to make Thanksgiving supper for her in-laws.

She did not want ANY help from another, so embarked on the journey alone - good thing for everyone else - no one to blame for what was to follow but herself.

As she was searching for turkey recipes, she came across the perfect recipe - cleaned the bird out, put the stuffing in - THEN, the directions stated, truss the turkey - no, she didn't go try to find a girdle for it!

It was early Thanksgiving morn and nothing was open so she could purchase "trussing" material and thought, "What the hey - I'll just take some straight, sewing-type pins and that ought to do the trick!" So, she did.

Everything was going good until she removed the lovely, golden brown and steaming turkey from the oven - drained the gravy drippings - went to remove the 30 or 40 straight pins from the bird and they were NOWHERE to be found! She, shaking like a dog pooping peach pits, glided through the entire meal sure someone was going to choke on one of the pins.

...oh boo...


Friday, November 20, 2009


Contrary to what we've all heard about this marvelous piece of technology - NO, it will NOT change the channels on your television from the dining room or from any other room for that matter...

...oh boo...

Monday, November 16, 2009


When the Badger was here last, I found myself actually coveting this Carhartt khaki shirt of his.

Sure, it's from the "big and tall" section of clothing - thing is, Badger is approximately 4'14" tall and about half again that round - not round in the "fat" sense - he's built like a mini-dozer or a tackle! BEEEEFY!

The entire week he was here, I whined about how much I admired that party cooler shirt - finally, the last evening he probably had enough and said, "Here, you may as well have it - Mrs. Badger says it makes me look FAT!"

...oh boo...

The shirt in question has been one of my favorites since and fits me like a small tent - and then one day nancpop left one of his black, refillable-type, fine point, felt tip pens in a pocket and it broke open in the laundry - MY SHIRT now looks like a black and green variegated camouflage TENT SHIRT!

...oh boo...

At least I won't be recognizable while running through the woods from the bear that's been hanging about the cabin!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our son LOVVVVVVVVVVVVES to cook and is always preparing some delightful treat from other countries - mostly France. He's always experimenting with something new and we reap the benefits.

He decide a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to try his hand at "Creme Brulee" so purchased all the necessary equipment - we get a kick out of a friend of ours who wants to name their first child "Ramekin"!

The first time out on the brulee we were quite surprised at how it turned out, so he kept making it night after night - adding this and that - chocolate - nutmeg, etc.

Last night he was telling pop, "I call the chocolate brulee "Creme Brulee du Chocolat"!" (He is an International Business major with a minor in language in college and converses easily in a couple of languages.)

Pop replied, "I call it chocolate puddin'!"

...oh boo...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The nancster likes to give credit where credit is due and today when I was originally intending to make this post, our dsl went out and I thought to myself, "You gorgeous hunk of woman, you..." Wait, that was earlier in the day.

Later, when the dsl went out, I had occasion to listen to potussa's speech at Ft. Hood Memorial and thought he would somehow make it all about him. I have to apologize - his handlers wrote a very thoughtful and nice speech for him to orate.

...oh boo...

Hopefully, no one will read this post before the next moment. No, I am not softening towards potussa.

God be with the families of those whose lives were cut short by this madman - may he get exactly what's coming to him. Not my will, but the Will of God be done.

Monday, November 02, 2009


First of all, everyone who knows nancpop knows he is an expert in all issues concerning wildlife and bellybutton lint.

Since zgirl was a teeny-tiny, he'd hold his closed hand out to her and she'd put her palm out flat and he'd drop a Tootsie Roll Pop, money, a piece of gum, a lizard, a frog, or a small snake and yes, even bellybutton lint - it's a father and daughter thing - trust beyond measure.

This weekend at the cabin, zgirl was just sitting there unsuspectingly playing on her new Blackberry and nancpop came in from outside where he was, btw, smoking the limit of trout he and she caught the day before, when he held out his closed fist to her and she (like she's been doing for at least 16 years) held out her flat hand and he dropped what looked like a miniature tootsie roll into it.

She IMMEDIATELY went to place it to her nose to smell it first and THEN opened her mouth to make a deposit when pop said, "NO, IT'S A DEER TURD!"

...oh boo...

Needless to say, he went on to give us all the details on the deer turd.

...oh boo...

"YES! It is fresh - you see it's barely set on the outside yet warm on the inside if you pinch it. That means they were RIGHT THERE by the bathhouse moments beforehand!" He expounded further but we were so taken aback and hollering at him we couldn't possibly have heard ALL we needed to know about a simple deer turd.

...oh boo...


I had no idea of ALL the virtues of nancpop when I said, "I do."

...oh boo...