Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"OH BOO" MOMENT 092908

Here awhile back...

For well over a year I'd been trying to get nancpop to either lay me off or fire me. I finally got a little more than angry last night and stated emphatically, "I REALLY HATE THAT JOB - LET ME GO OR ELSE!"

This morning (092808) I received this from him in my email:

Good morning Honey,

I have to let you go.Your position in the company has been dissolved.
Have a great day !!!!!!!!!

Love Ya

...oh boo...


Friday, February 19, 2010


Ever since nancson was small he's hated broccoli - the ONLY way he'd eat it was if I put on a pot of homemade cheesy/broccoli soup AND made homemade croutons to drown out the taste.

I got a text from him on 02/16/10:

"Today I braved up and ate some broccoli."

My reply: "Hope it doesn't kill you..."

Him: "It didn't"

Me: "Oh good, because that would mean someone hijacked your phone while you were lying on the floor having the dying broccoli quivers!"

...oh boo...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lola, a Dutch rabbit breed, has been nesting lately - rearranging her surroundings, fluffing her bedding up, looking at the cats kind of funny...

A friend of our son's was over this weekend and has some larger breed bucks who need a girlfriend - I asked him to ask his mother if Lola was too small for any of them. She said it would be fine to breed her with their smallest buck.

Nancson and friend took Lola yesterday to be bred.

When Nancson returned home last night, I asked, "Soooooooooo, did Lola and the know...get together yet?"

His reply, "Mom, we put her in the cage with him and they bred like rabbits - anything else you need to know?"

...oh boo...

She'll be returning home Wednesday with a funny-bunny look on her face!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I've recently been having some extremely discouraging vision problems. Started between Christmas and the new year. It began with pressure behind my eyes and later with blurred vision and ultimately what appeared to be lightening bolts flashing at the left side of my left eye.

Needless to say it put the scare in me. I'd rather lose my sense of smell, sense of hearing or sense of touch than my sense of sight - being an avid reader, losing my sight is a fate worse than death.

Pop took the day off to take me to an emergency appointment at the ophthalmologist - they took me right in and turned me every which way but loose as all the symptoms I was having pointed to a detached retina which would have required immediate surgery. YIKES!

Zgirl went with us and after about an hour's worth of excruciatingly irritating tests, the tech left the room and I called zgirl and pop into the room to keep me company.

They had to inspect the room with all the drawers and cabinet labels when zgirl came to one that stated "Foreign Body Removal Tool" and looked at pop and asked, "What's this one for?"

Pop's response, "That's to take all the illegal aliens out of your mother's eye."

...oh boo...

No, I do not have a detached retina but do have a small hemorrhage which could lead to one so will be having many follow-up appointments to keep a close watch on my vision. The doctor said my brain would block out many of the symptoms - like this big, freakin' grey blob that keeps getting in the way - NO! Swatting at it openly does no good...

...oh boo...

Monday, February 01, 2010


You may think this is a post about Mississippi - BUT IT'S NOT!

It's about Mz. Lola - we used to call her "Mississippi". She passed away this past July, but her spirit is still with us and she's been on my mind lately. We didn't always see eye to eye on many things (hardly ANY) but we loved her and her family just the same and had many great meals and holidays together.

This was the first in quite a few years our mountain family wasn't together for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, and it was then I realized it was transition time.

Their family is what she liked to call, "LARGE AND IN CHARGE!" - yes, the three of them each weighed either close to or well over 300# apiece - that's a half-ton to you city folks. She used to tell me that I looked "poor" and when I questioned her about that, she said, "You know - too skinny!"

Mississippi is an entirely different country if you've never been there...

One Fourth of July, we had a big shindig/barbecue/potluck and theirs and a few other families came - They kept laughing and saying something at the table while nudging each other out of their way which I couldn't make out and finally had to ask them what was so funny - sure they were making fun of my food!

These larger-than-life people were saying, "There goes the buffet!" each time someone approached the food table - when I questioned them further they said that when their family would go to a chinese buffet, if a large person would come in, they'd look at one another and in unison say, "There goes the buffet." As in the other overweight people were going to take all the good stuff!

...oh boo...