Friday, March 27, 2009

"OH BOOs" 032709

despite the threatening weather today, we decided to go to silver dollar city in branson as little was meeting up with her church folk for young christian's weekend. we're quite used to being ditched shortly after entering so we tend to go our merry way, enjoying what WE like to do - eat, watch people, eat, go watch a show, eat, go watch another show, eat, ride the train, eat, go to the bathroom...and this is where it usually gets interesting.

i was headed to the bathroom to wash up after a snack while nancpop spotted the chilluns about to board one of my favorite scary rides and wanted to get photos of them and some of their old friends from another church. along the way i passed this couple seated at a bench and the man got up with a bag similar to the one above and set it down next to his wife - she gave him a "look" and he said, "please keep an eye on that for me." to which she responded, "i'm NOT carrying your manbag for you today!"

...first oh boo...

we're home now settling in when pop's cell phone gets a message - he was thinking it might be zgirl returning his message to her, but it was our friend the badger and his message was:

"you awake?"

pop's message back:


...second oh boo...

for some reason this tickled me to my core - i couldn't stop laughing and then pop looked at me and said, "i know what the badger's thinking, "DAYAM! i REALLY wanted to talk to him!""

...third oh boo...

great weekend to y'all!