Sunday, March 15, 2009

"oh boo" moment 011508

okay, so the other night when we were on our way to the school play, as we zipped through the 25 mph posted sign, i said to nancpop, "HEY! it's 25 here, put the car in second and that insures you don't go over the speed limit!"

in his most masculine voice he "shushed" me and said, "QUIET WOMAN!" i allow him to do this to soothe his masculine ego..."okay..." i was thinking in my mind.

but first, this message from another "oh boo" moment:

a few years ago, the school band teacher insulted zgirl in front of the whole class and hurt her feelings needlessly and after she told me about it, i said, "don't worry about it, he will be taken care of - it's not our battle."

monday morning, his wife (the other band teacher) said that over the weekend he ran over a ground hornet nest and ended up in the hospital in anaphylactic shock from the multitudes of stings he'd received...oh boo...

my husband said that i needed to STOP putting whammies on everyone! and i responded that i DON'T put whammies on anybody, as that was not my job.

okay, back to the original story.

as a woman, it is my duty to do a little backseat driving - after all, i AM in the backseat (by choice as the seats are more comfortable) and while on our way to the school play i suggested we were going a little fast for town...

after mulling this over for a day or so, i said out loud, "Lord, please give pop a wake-up call and make him slow down before somebody gets hurt!" i did this two other times and he was pulled over and warned each time.

this evening, as we were visiting about all our days held for us - out of the blue he said, "you're not going to like this, but i got a speeding ticket today."

well, i started laughing my tail end off! earlier that day i had told zgirl, "i hope your father gets a ticket for speeding - i don't know what else to do! he goes too fast and all the while talking on his cell phone! he needs a ticket - the warnings didn't work!"

after i told him about my incident with zgirl, he sunk back in his chair and i asked him, "are you going to slow down now?" he responded, "yes."

...oh boo...

p.s. - NO, i am NOT into voodoo, but believe wholeheartedly everything happens for a good reason and in all things i give thanks.