Monday, November 02, 2009


First of all, everyone who knows nancpop knows he is an expert in all issues concerning wildlife and bellybutton lint.

Since zgirl was a teeny-tiny, he'd hold his closed hand out to her and she'd put her palm out flat and he'd drop a Tootsie Roll Pop, money, a piece of gum, a lizard, a frog, or a small snake and yes, even bellybutton lint - it's a father and daughter thing - trust beyond measure.

This weekend at the cabin, zgirl was just sitting there unsuspectingly playing on her new Blackberry and nancpop came in from outside where he was, btw, smoking the limit of trout he and she caught the day before, when he held out his closed fist to her and she (like she's been doing for at least 16 years) held out her flat hand and he dropped what looked like a miniature tootsie roll into it.

She IMMEDIATELY went to place it to her nose to smell it first and THEN opened her mouth to make a deposit when pop said, "NO, IT'S A DEER TURD!"

...oh boo...

Needless to say, he went on to give us all the details on the deer turd.

...oh boo...

"YES! It is fresh - you see it's barely set on the outside yet warm on the inside if you pinch it. That means they were RIGHT THERE by the bathhouse moments beforehand!" He expounded further but we were so taken aback and hollering at him we couldn't possibly have heard ALL we needed to know about a simple deer turd.

...oh boo...


I had no idea of ALL the virtues of nancpop when I said, "I do."

...oh boo...