Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Photo courtesy lylefur.

I am reminded of the story a former co-worker told me of the first year she was to make Thanksgiving supper for her in-laws.

She did not want ANY help from another, so embarked on the journey alone - good thing for everyone else - no one to blame for what was to follow but herself.

As she was searching for turkey recipes, she came across the perfect recipe - cleaned the bird out, put the stuffing in - THEN, the directions stated, truss the turkey - no, she didn't go try to find a girdle for it!

It was early Thanksgiving morn and nothing was open so she could purchase "trussing" material and thought, "What the hey - I'll just take some straight, sewing-type pins and that ought to do the trick!" So, she did.

Everything was going good until she removed the lovely, golden brown and steaming turkey from the oven - drained the gravy drippings - went to remove the 30 or 40 straight pins from the bird and they were NOWHERE to be found! She, shaking like a dog pooping peach pits, glided through the entire meal sure someone was going to choke on one of the pins.

...oh boo...