Monday, November 16, 2009


When the Badger was here last, I found myself actually coveting this Carhartt khaki shirt of his.

Sure, it's from the "big and tall" section of clothing - thing is, Badger is approximately 4'14" tall and about half again that round - not round in the "fat" sense - he's built like a mini-dozer or a tackle! BEEEEFY!

The entire week he was here, I whined about how much I admired that party cooler shirt - finally, the last evening he probably had enough and said, "Here, you may as well have it - Mrs. Badger says it makes me look FAT!"

...oh boo...

The shirt in question has been one of my favorites since and fits me like a small tent - and then one day nancpop left one of his black, refillable-type, fine point, felt tip pens in a pocket and it broke open in the laundry - MY SHIRT now looks like a black and green variegated camouflage TENT SHIRT!

...oh boo...

At least I won't be recognizable while running through the woods from the bear that's been hanging about the cabin!