Wednesday, July 01, 2009


i have to admit, nancpop USED to have a pretty foul mouth - he just wasn't aware of it until one day quite a few years ago, zgirl, in her tiny voice said, "papa, please stop cussing." it was at the supper table and he must have been instantly convicted.

the following sunday on our way to church, he dropped something between the seat and console while driving and as he's driving and trying to find the object, you could see the tension mounting - the rest of us were being quiet and awaiting the "eff" or "sob" words to come flying out of his mouth. waiting for what seemed a day or two, but in reality only long enough to travel about a mile and a half on a country road, when all of a sudden, he blurts out, "FIDDLESTICKS!!!"

we all gave each other the dumb dog looks and shrugged our shoulders - pop looks around at all of us and asks, "did i really just say "fiddlesticks"?"

...oh boo...