Monday, February 16, 2009

"OH BOO" MOMENT 021509

PHOTO COURTESY: scoplaw blogs

here awhile back...okay, so it was only a few days ago - nancpop, nancson and i were out and about and decided to do a little grocery shopping at the new neighborhood walmart market on our way home. they were loaded with food items you don't find at your ordinary hometown markets.

we each chose some exotic thing or another for a future meal this week. nancson noticed the pre-seasoned quail and put it into the cart; pop selected his usual jerky fixings and i opted out for some "pareve" chicken noodle soup.

a segue:

we've been extremely busy this past weekend getting ready for an appraiser to come as we're refinancing our house. the person who owned the home before painted then entire inside with FLAT latex paint - you cannot keep it clean!

after we moved in nearly two years ago, i did two of the bathrooms with EXTERIOR latex semi-gloss - why exterior you ask? think about how damp it gets in bathrooms... and we put lifetime linoleum down on those two floors also.

saturday was a great day to begin the painting of the downstairs. we had a date that evening as the teens were away on other business - well some bug/virus hit me midway through the morning attacking my sinuses, head, ears and had my whole body aching so our date was cancelled - no, i'm NOT feeling much better but did have a chance to help pop yesterday - i was delegated to the trim work because nobody can cut a trim line like me when it comes to painting.

an unsegue:

pop decided to take the quail out of the freezer sunday morning and upon seeing that four quail are but an appetizer, called nancson who was in town picking up more paint, and told him to bring home a couple of cornish game hens to go with the quail.

i was listening to the conversation and was trying to tell pop that there was no need for that as i had chicken breasts in the freezer and would take them out posthaste!

when he disconnected - he asked, "now what were you saying?" me, "i have chicken breasts! and don't you DARE say ANYTHING!" him, "nonsense babe, i've never seen a feather one on your breasts!"

...oh boo...