Thursday, February 19, 2009


if i were to have one complaint about pop, it would be that if he has a hundred dollar bill in his pocket in the morning it will be gone by suppertime. same goes for a fiver or a ten. he'll treat his supervisors to lunch, stop and give some of it to a homeless person or buy the kidz candy - he just hates the thought of UNSPENT money!

a couple of years ago, i had to get strict with him as he messed our checking account up so bad that it took several months to straighten out - i took his bank card and he had to open his own checking account and be accountable for his low level credit card all on a weekly allowance of what i feel is a very hefty amount of money - a family of two could easily live on this amount.

even after all this and several family conferences where we all sat down and i made a calendar of the household budget and gave it to each person and also my personal budget - i told them all, "YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS WORK!" - pop is still cash poor. because i know this my heart softens about two days a week so i'll get into my cash stash and put a five or ten into his lunch cooler.

when he gets home from work i'll ask, "sooooooooooo, did you get the little surprise i put into your cooler?" him looking all dreamy and in a smooth voice, "why, yes. i. did. was that for this morning (lifting his eyebrows)?" me, "OH! you know it was! now, where's my change?"

...oh boo...