Sunday, December 07, 2008

"OH BOO" Moment 092308

nancson has been waiting and waiting to get his driver's license for months - yesterday he finally got to try out for the team...of licensed drivers.

seven other anxious teens got there ahead of us so it was well over an hour wait - no problem, i had an iced tea and reading material. he came unprepared. sound familiar?

his turn was up and off he went with the officer, me left behind hoping the officer would help him see the err of his driver ways - i said, "not my will, but YOURS BE DONE, LORD!"

twenty minutes later they pull up and i thought to ease the tension i'd go up and jerk the passenger door open and ask officer "j", "ARE YOU OKAY???" he exited the vehicle laughing stating he was fine and that nancson was a very good driver, but he had a difficult time stopping at STOP signs...

i asked him, "what do you mean?" he replied, "your son doesn't seem to take the signs at their word "STOP"!" nancson responded, "well, if there's nobody coming can't i just barely stop and keep on going?" officer "j" snickered and said, "if they DIDN'T want you to stop, the sign would say something like "if you don't see anybody coming go ahead and DON'T stop."

...first oh boo...

we spoke for a moment and the officer told him that if he didn't fix the problem by next week, he'd make him go a month before he'd test him again. point. set. match.

sooooooooo, i get into the passenger side of the vehicle (i do not want to destroy his now fragile psyche) and decide to allow him to drive me home as i'm LMBFTO because of the affirmation the officer has given me AND his father - as soon as my eyes clear through the sound of him saying, "PLEASE STOP LAUGHING AT ME, MOM!" i see DIRECTLY in front of my car a blue and white sign...and i ask, "do you see THAT sign in front of THIS car?" "yeah, mama - that's another thing..."

...oh boo...