Sunday, November 30, 2008

"OH BOO" MOMENT 112908

if this were silver and about ten times messier it would be my hair. no lie.

about six or so years ago i was complaining to my neighbor, ma, about not being able to tame my hair so she sent a bottle of this to me. not really realizing what it was for i began using it and it tamed my hair down to soft and shiny ringlets. after awhile i thought, "where can i find some more?" so i went looking for it.

lo and behold i found it at walmart! in the black hair care section! "who cares?!?", was my first thought and then, "heayyyyyyy, what was ma thinking?"

...oh boo...

ah, but there's more:

this past weekend while i was washing pop's back in the bathhouse he asked me, "babe - have you ever noticed what it says on the back of that hair stuff in the blue and white bottle?" "why no - as long as it works i don't care! - why do you ask?" "on the back of the bottle in the lower left corner it says, THE PROUD LADY 100% BLACK OWNED, don't you think that's a little racist?" "you're sh*tting me, right?" "no, look for yourself." so i did. sho-nuff! that's what it say!

...oh boo...

or do you think i need to find a new hair care product?

...oh boo...

check it out yourselves next time you're in walmart or a beauty supply shop.