Thursday, December 11, 2008

"OH BOO" MOMENT 072908

this should be an "oh boo" moment 080108, the day i called my mother on her birthday, but i'm taking it back a day or three to the original event.

both our children THINK they're ready to get their driver permits. they're allowed to take the written test each and every tuesday until they give up or the sheriff gets sick of them.

last week was the second attempt for one and the first for the other. they both failed miserably. please give them a break - they've only been studying for a year and IT IS arkansas.

all the way to the test they argued back and forth about who would drive home - i settled it with a, "whoever passes with the highest score gets to drive home." three plus miles away.

i figured since we were in town i'd get the tags paid for on all our vehicles which meant a trip to the assessor's office and bank - while the children were in the basement taking their written tests. oh sure, there should have been time to spare, but when i returned from the bank - there they were outside the assessor's office looking somewhat haggard.

as i gazed into my favorite son's face asking, "sooooooooo, didja pass?", he was quick to tell me, "i didn't pass, mama - AND neither did ____!!!"

okay, so IIIIIIIIIII had to drive home - and frankly i'm getting somewhat tired of it. i called pop and told him as i knew he was waiting on pins and needles hoping they would fail. by that time it was close to lunchtime - he said, "thank GOD! it was freaking me out that you'd LET one of them drive THE CAR home~!" IT'S WHAT I LIVE FOR!

on the way home i was asking them which questions they missed - only ONE stood out in their minds and i must admit it was quite the miss as they see billboards all over the place about it and our son wanted to philosophize about it and i finally just had to shut him down.

later that week i called my mother to wish her a happy birthday and was going over the events of the week and when i got to the part about the children going to get their permits, she just blasted out laughing like a wildwoman! i said, "calm yourself before you have to change your depends!"

she went on to tell me that she had had to go take a written test last year for the first time in 55 YEARS! my mother further stated that the "kid" administering the test laughed when she told him how long it had been for her and he told her she'd do fine.

upon finishing the written test she returned it to the "kid" and he about fell over the counter in a belly roll of guffaws and asked her, "now what should you do when you see a blind person with a white cane step off a curb in front of you?"

my mother, in all her little old lady ways said, "honk?" he responded, "WHAT? do you want to give the poor guy a heart attack?"

when she was telling me about this incident, i said, "mom, please don't tell me that you checked the "HONK" box?"

jeesh, everybody knows you should just run every person down who steps off the curb in front of you...oh boo...