Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lola, a Dutch rabbit breed, has been nesting lately - rearranging her surroundings, fluffing her bedding up, looking at the cats kind of funny...

A friend of our son's was over this weekend and has some larger breed bucks who need a girlfriend - I asked him to ask his mother if Lola was too small for any of them. She said it would be fine to breed her with their smallest buck.

Nancson and friend took Lola yesterday to be bred.

When Nancson returned home last night, I asked, "Soooooooooo, did Lola and the buck...you know...get together yet?"

His reply, "Mom, we put her in the cage with him and they bred like rabbits - anything else you need to know?"

...oh boo...

She'll be returning home Wednesday with a funny-bunny look on her face!