Wednesday, August 05, 2009


cheating husband gets his

he deserved it and more - they should have super glued his eyes shut and his lips closed! of course i have no words to describe what the women deserved...

now for my true super glue incident with my own sweet husband:

it was summer, hot as hell and the ticks were out thick. we were helping a friend build his log cabin for the summer and camping on his creek while doing so.

as was common, in the evenings after baths everyone would check everyone for ticks and my husband said, "i have one in a spot no one else needs to see." so i checked and sho'nuff there was one buried right in that virgin skin where the thigh meets the goods.

i ran for the super glue as it's the best assurance you get the entire tick - they back out and freeze up in the glue - you peel it off - no problem...well except if you drop the goods onto the area where the super glue HASN'T dried!

...oh boo...