Wednesday, May 20, 2009



for a very long time - perhaps 30 years or so, i've endeavored to keep my tools separate from my man's and tried just keeping my tools in a special drawer in the kitchen - hammer, assorted screwdrivers, wrenches, nail sets, drill bits, etc.

for a very long time they invariably go missing and i find them in pop's tools - all dirty and greasy with grass and leaves stuck to them - YUCK!

for a very long time i've taken to printing on them in a wide, black sharpie "MOM".

for a very long time i keep finding my tools marked "MOM" in his tool boxes, behind the seat of his truck, on the work bench, in his work jacket pockets, in buckets, cardboard boxes, shelves in the garage and the like.

for a very long time i held my breath, took my tools and put them where I could easily find them.

and then...i got angry and asked, "WHAT ARE MY TOOLS DOING INTERMINGLING WITH YOUR TOOLS?!?" him, "what do you mean?" "ohhh, don't be coy with me - they ALL have "MOM" written on them!" him, "oh. i thought that spelled "WOW"!"

...oh boo...

some people have asked over the years about why after i or someone else says "WOW" do i say, "that's "MOM" spelled upside down." or vice versa - now you know!