Sunday, May 17, 2009


here awhile back...

at church one sunday i was hot-hot-hot! soooooo, i grabbed the "funeral fan" from in front of the hymnal and began vigorously waving it in front of my face to try and cool myself off - little did i know it was about ready to snap and so it did - the fan itself fell to the floor and i was left holding what looked like a large tongue depressor.

now i'm not one who goes to church for the frivolities and do always pay very close attention to the sermon as i want to be sure i'm not being fed a crock of "hooey" as my dear departed grandmother would say. i'm not one to "believe" what a person of the cloth says and do actually test their words as i admonish every single person looking for the proof of God do.

zgirl was sitting next to me doodling so i had to give her "the eye" - the one that says "GIVE ME THAT PENCIL!"...and she i began looking at pop thinking to myself that he looked an awful lot like the funeral fan handle and i began doodling on it and then zgirl wanted to give it a try and then nancson - of course, pop was getting a little miffed with his unruly family...until we presented him with the masterpiece:

...oh boo...

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