Thursday, May 07, 2009


first, a recipe for "smelly jelly" from one of my good neighbors - it's akin to the little jellied air fresheners you buy at the store for $4.00 for a two to four ounce container:

16 ounces water
4 envelopes plain knox gelatin
2 ounce bottle concentrated fragrance oil - can be purchased at walmart

4-5 half pint jelly-type jars.

in a saucepan you intend to use only for this recipe, combine water and gelatin and stir continually until dissolved with spoon you intend to use only for this recipe. remove from heat and stir in fragrance. (neighbor/friend - i improvised on your recipe if you're reading) pour into jars and place caps and rings atop tightly and they will seal over a period of 15 minutes or so.

you may also add embellishments to your smelly jelly - this last time i made the cinnamon apple and added a stick of cinnamon to each jar. DO NOT EAT! when you need to have some good smell somewhere like a bathroom, your car, laundry room, just open a jar and set it out. i also added food coloring to make it more appealing to the smell - red for cinnamon apple!

the gelatinous mixture will take a couple of weeks to nearly disappear into a round, hard disk about the size of the thickness of three poker chips*.

now, on to the gist of this post.

we're pranksters at our house - all our friends are pranksters - our children may be the worst or best pranksters depending upon how you look at it.

a week or so ago, one of my "smelly jellies" was in it's last* stage and i thought i'd pay pop back for the time he put the huge (six-inch) rubber spider into the toilet so it would be the first thing i saw upon lifting the seat - i put the red smelly jelly puck into the toilet in the cat's room (downstairs bathroom) and just waited until he freaked out about the red blob in the stool.

i waited and waited and waited...

a day or so i waited. nothing. no one was using the downstairs bathroom...hmmmmm...then i forgot about it.

well, a few nights ago i was coming in the patio door and pop's in the bathroom saying, "HOLY CRAPPE, WHAT?!? DID ONE OF YOU TAKE AN UNFLUSHABLE POOP IN HERE?!?" water was running all over the floor and into the kitchen; i'm shouting, "TAKE THE TANK LID OFF - STOP THE WATER! WHERE'S THE PLUNGER?!?" children running about - "WHAT'S THE MATTER?!?" "DON'T KNOW!"

we cleaned up the water and went about our business. four o'clock in the morning i spring awake and think to myself, "you put that smelly jelly puck into the toilet and it swelled up and clogged the crapper!" BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!

...oh boo...

how am i going to tell pop?

told him.

...oh boo...