Sunday, May 10, 2009


when nancdaughter the elder (hereinafter referred to as nte) was about six she went out hiking around our house in the mountains and came home with a jawbone very similar to the one above.

i told her it was nasty and to get rid of it. okay.

flash forward a few months - nte lost a tooth and i told her to put it into her "tooth pillow" - i'm sure you've seen them - they're a tiny four by five inch or so pillow with a little pocket on the front large enough to put a tooth and perhaps a quarter in.

that night i snuck into her room and reached under her pillow and got a case of "HOLY CRAPPE!" when not only the tooth pillow came out from under her pillow, but that six or seven inch jawbone AND wrapped around the jawbone a lengthy note for a six year old:

"dear tooth fairy - these are some mammals teeth i found in the woods. i know they're not mine, but leave me some extra money anyway and a pack of trident gum. thank you. nte"

...oh boo...

i still have the note and jawbone somewhere and run across them every now and again.


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