Friday, January 09, 2009


oh boo moment #2

you cannot make this stuff up and my imagination isn't that large so it's no wonder these events actually take place in MY world. as my schweetie says, "it's your world, babe - the rest of us are just passing through it!"

before i left work today, i put a post-it-love-note "who loves you?" on some cash on my husband's desk. he likes that...the cash part.

i called the office to ask him to pick up pizza on his way home and he said, "okay." what else could he say? it was ME asking, not sandra bullock!

as he handed the pizza guy the folded money, he looked at my husband strangely so my husband looked back puzzled. it was probably like a hillbilly standoff. i guess after a moment of silence the kid pulled the pink post-it-note off the money and handed it back to my husband. OH BOO!

my husband quickly said (and i paraphrase), "oh, that wasn't from me to you! to which the pizza guy responded, "oh, good."

now my husband's all ROFLHAO, thinking the pizza guy probably thinks he's been stalking him! we now need to find a new pizza place...

originally published by nanc @ longrange.