Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"OH BOO" moment 102908

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y'all know that i love nancpop so much that it makes my hair hurt. he's quite perhaps the MOST thoughtful person on the planet.

last night before retiring we informed him that there was no school today and we were all sleeping in so PUHLEEEEEEEEEEZE don't set any of our alarm clocks, 'kay? "'kay." he responded.

he arose at 5:00 a.m. as he's overseeing a very large concrete pour this morning. his usual routine is to get up and walk 12 feet across the room to turn off the alarm, set the alarm for my awakening (which he wasn't supposed to do this morning), hit the terlet, shave, dress, come downstairs, put on the weather channel (i'm thinking he has a little something for one of the weather girlz *;]), turn on the coffee pot, take two cups out of the cupboard, write a love note to me on a napkin, turn my cup over onto the note, sit down, put his socks and boots on, pour himself a go cup of coffee, put the rest of the coffee into the carafe, go outside and warm up his truck, come back in, grab his lunch i so lovingly prepare before retiring the night before...then he's off like a bra in a drive-in.

flash forward - 6:30 a.m. - WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH! me startled and wondering who moved the gun from behind the nightstand by the bed as i FALL out of bed trying to get to the alarm clock 12 feet away! i get there and manage to NOT throw it on the floor and do it a good stomping.

i-i-i'll be okay. it's probably a very good time to come downstairs and get some coffee and call to thank him for letting me sleep in. so i do.

i say, "hey, thankx for setting the alarm for me." him, "oh, no problem babe." me, "no, really - i really, really want to thank you." him, "you're welcome, babe." me, "you're kidding, right?" him, "why...OH BOO! you wanted to sleep in!"

yeah, he was haunted. my work here is not finished and this little episode reminds me of something else.

this guy's talking to one of his friends and says to him, "my girlfriend's breaking up with me." the friend, "why?" the guy, "she says i never pay enough attention to her or something like that..."