Friday, October 17, 2008

"oh boo" moment 040408

here awhile back, zgirl wanted to make "chocolate/peanut butter/no-bake" cookies - i said, "sure."

as she was spooning the mixture out onto waxed paper, she said, "mama, i'm going to make a couple that look like "turds" for pop, okay?" me, "whatever...".

she put them into the fridge to help them set and when pop got home, he proceeded to put them into ziploc baggies and snickered, "correct me if i'm wrong, but do some of these cookies look just like turds?"

i responded, "yup, zgirl thought you'd like them that way."

he laughed, "that's my baby girl!"

...oh boo...

going to the cabin this afternoon - y'all be good.