Wednesday, April 07, 2010


oh boo moment #3!

But first a word from our sponsor:

Fuel was under $2.70 today! Which reminds me of another story altogether. Once or thrice when I went in to pay for mine and the children were with me, I'd go to the register and say, "I had a little gas on pump 4 - but I'm over it now!" my kidz won't go with me to pay for gasoline anymore...

And now to the next installment of "oh boo" moments!

My dear, sweet husband who absotively adores me CANNOT drive by a motorist in need. There could be several on the way home and he'll go miles out of his way to help them, or go get sodas or water for them while they await the tow truck or whoever. He'll even take them home or go get gas for them.

Once on a back road to work in Ellensburg, Washington, there was a truckload of male Indians (fisheaters) sitting by the side of the snow-covered road with a flat tire. he pulled over and asked if he could do anything and they, of course, said they needed there tire changed. So while they sat in their cozy warm truck, he changed their tire and went on his merry way.

Here in the semi-south we say, "Here awhile back" which could mean yesterday or a month ago.

Well, here awhile back when he was on his way somewhere over yonder he passed a man stranded by the side of the road with his hood up and he was up under it. It was a busy highway by Arkansas standards - twelve to seventeen vehicles an hour at least!

He pulled up to the guy and hollered out the window, "HEY, YOU NEED A HAND?" The guy came out from under the hood and turned around and lo and behold he was missing one of his HANDS! He said, "WHAT?" my husband, who by now was probably red as a beet said, "Um, do you need any help?". To which he replied, "Oh, no thanks help is on the way."

almost an oh boo moment...