Monday, December 21, 2009


We get a big kick out of "Letters to Santa" every year - and this year is no exception. Here are a few, written by area first graders, we were reading and having a good laugh over this weekend:

Dear Santa:

You are a dear Santa. I
said, "Mom, here is a dear
Santa." Would you bring me
a video game?


This little guy is an Eddie Haskell in the making - "Nice dress Mrs. Cleaver."

Dear Santa:

You say hoohoo. I say
hoohoo. Everbody say


I could get along with a person like this! ...ohboohoo...

Dear Santa:

How is miss clause? I
would like to have a game
and super hero cards. I'm
going to get a table and
poot cookies on it for you.

Love, XXXX

Mr. Obsessed with everything noisy and stinky said, "I pooted some Christmas cookies just this morning!"

Dear Santa,

I will leave cookies for
you. How are the raindeer
doing? I want a black
laptop compytr for Christmas.


A new black compytr will certainly help him only if he understands the concept of "spellcheck". Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know, first grade - here in Arkansas he could be 10 or 11 years old however!

There were quite a few where the children asked only for special favor in the case of sick loved ones and those made me cry a little - "oh boo moments" is not for tears of sadness and I ask that you just keep those wee ones in your prayers.