Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love my father in law - if you ever had the opportunity to be around him and me, you'd think I don't like him, but I really, really like him.

You see, he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO full of himself and I CANNOT stop myself from pointing it out to him at every turn - he'll be going on and on about some great thing he believes he's done and everyone will be hanging on his every word and suddenly he'll stop and look at me like, "Well, what do YOU think?"

I will generally say something like, "Oh, do go on - it IS all about you, dad." And, my mother in law will do that Betty Rubble giggle and look at me like, "NOBODY EVER talks to him like that - you go girl!"

Anyhoo, we got him to take up golf a number of years ago and at first he'd take only one driver and a ball to the course and just hit it all over the place and probably quit once he lost THE only ball. Mostly he just liked to see how far he could hit it and then just brag about it until the next farthest hit.

He recently got a little more serious and actually goes out now at pre-arranged tee times with other more serious golfers for actual rounds of golf.

A few weeks ago, a professional golfer came to the course and just wanted to get in a practice round and my f-i-l and his partner were the only team he could slide in on so they good-naturedly accepted them into their time slot.

Things were going quite well until f-i-l's rooster hormones kicked in and he actually started heckling every bad shot the pro made - his partner trying to shush him, but once he gets going it is nigh on impossible to get him back on track again.

The pro was becoming visibly upset at my f-i-l's lack of golf etiquette and as a result badly hooked one of his drives off into neverland - my f-i-l abruptly stated, "Maybe you ought to put some cowbells on your balls before the next drive!"

...oh boo...