Thursday, December 31, 2009


We were at the cabin for Thanksgiving and one day pop decided he was going trout fishing on the world famous "White River" before the children and our company returned.

I kept myself busy getting ready to house an extra five people and decided to watch his and my own favorite movie ever made, Paint Your Wagon.

After an hour or so I called him to see if he was having any luck and tell him I was watching the movie. Nope, no bites whatsoever and the water was up and as clear as could be.

One of our favorite parts in the movie came on so I decided to text him:

"Mooney, there's a woman in the saloon with a baby pressed against her breast."

His response:

"HA! I love that part!"

My next text:

"lt ain't every day that we got a woman in Atwell's - pressing her breast with her baby."

His response:

"That's FUNNY!"

My next text:

"there's a woman in Atwell's pressing her breast to the saloon."

No response...

So I text him this one last time:

"There's a breast in Atwell's pressing a woman against her."

A couple of minutes pass and his response comes back:


Okay, so I'm thinking, "Is he calling me a hag? or Elizabeth who is the woman in the saloon pressing her breast against it?"

...oh boo...

He gets home a few hours later, two trout heavier and I ask him why he responded back with a "HAG"?

He looked at me like I had sprouted angel wings and stated, "I sent you back a message that said HA!"

...oh boo...

So now I need BETTER glasses!