Monday, September 07, 2009


nancpop-n-zgirl-n-i went to the cabin for Labor Day Weekend - mostly to get much needed chores done - the area is still reeling from the ice storm at the end of this past winter - limbs broken and trees down everywhere...and we do not need them close to the old homestead.

all is going well until something hits me saturday night and knocks me down - ears - eyes - head - nose - fever - extreme fatty-gew - you name it - surely i'm going to die in about four more days of this!

...oh boo...

sunday night as i'm getting ready to go take a long, hot bath, zgirl challenges pop to a game of YAHTZEE and then i hear her ask him if he'll brush her hair - his dull response, "it's what i live for."

...oh boo...

she then asks him if he'll french braid her hair - he replies, "don't know how." her, "oh sure you do." he sternly answers, "AHA! i'll bet 'too slim and tails draggin'' (his term of endearment for her friend who's a boy) CAN'T braid either!" in my mind i hear him saying something like the farmer would say, "nanny-nanny, noo-noo!"

zgirl responds, "when we get home i'll find out and if he doesn't know how, then he soon will!"

...oh boo...