Friday, May 29, 2009


here awhile was actually about seven years ago, give or take a few months, one of our buttercup hens put out four cornish roosters - strange but true.

these four grew and traveled together and were quite ornery - not like all our other chickens. they had no romance about them when wooing the hens - it was more a slam-bam, thank you ma'am and they were more apt to pull the neck feathers out of the females than the other roosters.

ALL the other roosters would do their rooster dance and it is really something to see how they "court" the hens.

the cornish roosters in question were unruly and one in particular would come into our breezeway and peck at a styrofoam cooler i'd take when i went to town to keep frozen goods in until i got home. wellllll, one day i just couldn't keep that rooster out of the breezeway - i'd open the door and hurl everything in sight at it and it would just return a few moments later and commence to pecking the cooler apart.

yeah, i know - i should have brought the cooler in and had moved it on a number of occasions trying to hide it from them - there was no room inside for one more thing! DAYAMIT~it's my cooler!

finally fed up, i grabbed one of the children's daisy one pump beebee guns and quietly opened the door and that rooster's tail was up in the air and i thought, "i'll just graze him in the tailfeathers to scare the bird crappe out of him and perhaps he'll give it up." as i squeezed the trigger, he hopped up out of the cooler and the beebee hit him in the neck!

he struggled out of the breezeway and as chickens go, when the rest of them (35-40) came over and ganged up on him as he was flopping about on the ground - i kept trying to shoo them away so i could finish him off, but alas it seems they did the job for me. the little guy lay there limp on the ground so i picked him up - no sign of life - shook him off, put him into a plastic grocery bag and into the freezer he went until nancpop would get home a couple of few hours later and he could prepare him for cooking.

nancpop arrived home two plus hours later and as i related the story to him, he went to the freezer to get the bird - as he approached me with the grocery bag that was rattling about like it had popping corn in it - he said, "COME HERE! i'm going to show you how to really kill a chicken~!"

me, "no thank you, i killed it the first time - it's your turn."

...oh boo...

as for the remaining "three amigos" - i'll save THAT story for another day.