Wednesday, April 29, 2009


thought i'd go pick up my summer wardrobe after i did my regular household shopping yesterday as i had an extra $20.00.

now that may not seem like alot of money to try and buy an entire summer wardrobe, but my favorite little second hand store with new and used name brand clothing would certainly have EVERYTHING i needed.

this past winter, zgirl and i got multitudes of clothing for around $32.00 - american eagle, aeropostale, old navy, and other big name brands.

was i ever excited to finally make it to the front door only to find it LOCKED! the store front has super-blacked out windows so like a peeping tom, i put my face up to the window to look better inside - NOTHING - THERE WAS NOTHING IN THE STORE!

i'm going to have to wear LAST year's second hand clothing!

...oh boo...