Friday, April 03, 2009

"OH "BOO" MOMENT 031009

tonight i made cheddar/broccoli soup for supper with some homemade croutons to top it with, although someone else made the croutons...

pop smothered his with some slap ya mama! hot seasoning. apparently some of it globbed up and he got it with his last bite - all of a sudden he turned red and started hacking like a cat trying to get rid of a furball!

i asked him, "ARE YOU OKAY?!?" i was ready to put the smackdown on him and do most of the time.

hand in air, he replied, "oh man, that "slap ya mama" hit me in the vulva!"

my astonished reply, "you mean UVULA!!!"

him, "yeah, yeah - that's what i thought you meant i heard you say...blah...blah...blah..." (his standard reply when butchering the english/latin languages - he'd make norm crosby seem almost normal sometime)

...oh boo...