Wednesday, April 22, 2009


it was horrid hot here today and if it gets much over 80 degrees with the humidity it can make you nutz - nutz i tell you!

i decided it was a very good day to switch our system over to the a/c and spent the better part of the afternoon trying to do just that.

the bottom of that little doohickey is a fold down set of instructions and several thousand ways to set your system up - i printed the couple hundred page manual awhile back and one must be a tech wizard to even get past the table of contents so i thought i'd call the company and have them walk me through it as i could not get anything on it to work properly and it was 83 degrees IN THE HOUSE!

they had me on hold with some obnoxious elevator music and a little guy who'd come on and ask you to punch whatever number for whatever instrument you were calling about - one of them was "oxkillating" fans - of course i knew what he meant, but still got a huge laugh over that one while i was kept waiting for FORTY FIVE MINUTES!

the lady who finally answered had me do a couple of things and said it should begin working properly in 30 seconds to four minutes - nothing happened. she went on to explain our heat pump, the thermostat itself or something else major may be wrong with it and i'd need to call a carrier dealer to get it fixed.

never in my wildest imagination did i think it could be the little breaker box right next to the outdoor unit holding me up...until i decided to check it out and lo and behold it was turned OFF! WHY? i flipped the switch and now i'm loving the 74 degree air blowing out of all the vents.

an "oh boo" that turned into an "oh yay"!

now if we have another hard frost like two years ago the first part of may, the family can just put on their parkas and thermal socks because i'm not messing with the a/c until november!

...oh boo 4 them!...