Monday, February 23, 2009


in a deep cast iron skillet or dutch oven, brown one pound of spicy breakfast sausage over medium/high heat. sift one cup of flour into simmering sausage, being sure every bit of sausage is coated nicely and a thick paste is developing in the sausage grease - turn heat down to medium and add four cups of milk (you can dilute at ration of 2:2 with water). stir continuously reducing heat to low and allow mixture to thicken - this is where you salt and pepper if it's not seasoned enough for your tastebuds. NOTE: for thinner soup add more liquid, thicker less liquid, but never skimp on the sausage or flour!

PHOTO COURTESY: time, inc., recipes

serve in soup bowls and garnish with seasoned croutons or use hot rolls or biscuits for dipping - bon appetit!

wuh? what do you mean this SOUNDS like gravy?

...oh boo...