Saturday, January 24, 2009


so tonight pop made stir fry, and i made pork fried rice, a green salad and french bread, sweet tea and coffee.

our little went to the razorbacks game and we invited the neighbors to supper. a good time was had by all and it was time - i mean TIME for them to go. you know when it's time.

all kidding aside, i told them i was glad they got to see me and the man of the family said his brother in law tells his wife when they're over for supper, "honey, let's go to bed so THESE PEOPLE can leave!"

...oh boo...

which reminds me of another story...

pop was going out of town to work, here awhile back, and ma was over visiting and as she was leaving, she said, "i'm going to miss you son." pop replied, "how can you miss me if you won't go away?"