Saturday, January 03, 2009


this is some scary stuff, so make sure you have your blankie and a flashlight handy. there're a few more items to this story which i'll skip for now - just bringing you the main course:

here awhile back, after a trip to the cabin, for several days clawedy-boy was scared witless - hiding in our room under the bed and looking up at the ceiling - i believe he went four days without eating and when i'd get ahold of him he'd just stare at the ceiling and claw his way out of my arms.

for most of those days i thought to myself, "what if somebody came into our house while we were gone and hurt him and then went into the attic?" expressing my concerns to the eyerolling nancpop - he said, "okay, babe - to make you feel better we'll go up into the attic and see if anybody's been up there...dayamed cat...mutter...mutter..."

he did the first inspection and called me up so i could see for myself that if ANYBODY'D gone up into that attic, we'd surely have noticed a mess beneath the crawl space as the attic is FILLED with cellulose!

then a strange thing occurred - i noticed the hall light which we usually leave on when we're gone for more than a day wasn't working - i took the cover off and noticed the bulb had blown out of the socket and broken - so i safely replaced it. as we don't used this party cooler light that often it was quite a few days later that i turned it on and IT EXPLODED! BOOM! okay, so it wasn't quite that loud, but loud enough for clawedy to head back under the bed with me on his tail!

upon a closer look at the fixture, there came into my vision a tiny little sticker that stated in bold print "USE ONLY 60 WATT BULBS OR LESS". i'd put 75 watt bulbs in there.

...oh boo...

oh, sure clawedy still hates the light fixtures and the children like to tease him by turning it off and on in his presence just to see him fly under the bed.

a sidenote, you never know if there's someone in your attic unless you check...

...oh boo...