Friday, January 16, 2009


i try to keep this site off the political spectrum, but i've been hearing rumors that people of faith are actually praying for bad weather for the inauguration. now, i'm NOT a prayer warrior so much as a person who will say, "God, not my will but Yours be done." or "the Lord will do what He sees fit."

i'm not one to wish bad on my enemies and usually just walk away to never really give their transgressions against me many more thoughts other than to salve my wounds. most people who truly know me also know that although i am disgusted with the incoming administration i really wish them well as decisions they make will be either detrimental or for the good of ALL of u.s.

if people are praying that there's bad weather for the inauguration, they are more than likely praying to the wrong god.

here's the weather outlook for inauguration day:

"WASHINGTON – "I knew it would be a cold day when I was made president," William Howard Taft joked just a century ago, taking office in 1909 in what has been described as the worst inaugural weather ever.

Ten inches of snow fell. Wind downed trees and telephone poles. Streets were clogged and trains stalled.

And that was when presidents were sworn in in March."

...oh boo...

updated weather for deecee.