Sunday, November 23, 2008

"OH BOO" MOMENT 112208

funny how these "stinky" "oh boos" come in threes...

okay, so what would you do for $6,000/hour? no - it's not what you're thinking.

pop had to work yesterday - it seems one of the lift stations that pump raw sewage in one of the cities here had a pump that was working waaaaaaaaaaaay overtime and they needed it fixed - so it was bid at $6,000. - regardless of HOW long it took!

not being one to send one of his guys into dangerous territory - down a hole fourteen feet with live sewage coming at him from ALL directions, they sent a pump down, a fan, hooked him up in a lanyard and dropped him down into poopland.

lo and behold - one of the pumps had somehow come loose from the brace that held it it place and while both pumps (emacerating) were installed at the same time, the one faulty running pump had THIRTY ONE HUNDRED MORE HOURS ON IT than the other pump! pop had all the right tools and bolts on hand, fixed it within an hour and kept an eye on it to be sure.

he did, however, have all his natural born comedian salary guys on hand helping him drop stuff down the poop chute and out. welllllll, on the way out with one of the articles of "somethingorother" hit the side of the wall and a big glob of waste "fwooped" over and landed on his ear and eyebrow!

he hollered up to his top guy - "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?" while wiping the "crap" off the side and front of his head - top guy says, "looks like sh*t!"

...oh boo...but there's more.

as he came up out of the hole, top guy says, "looks like you're going to have sh*tty hearing today and a very crappy outlook on life!"

...oh boo...

pop at the end of the day, "babe, i just know all those people in those houses up on those hills were looking down there just waiting for me to go down that hole before they flushed!"