Wednesday, November 26, 2008


according to this article by kathleen parker:

" A new report from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) on the nation's civic literacy finds that most Americans are too ignorant to vote.

Out of 2,500 American quiz-takers, including college students, elected officials and other randomly selected citizens, nearly 1,800 flunked a 33-question test on basic civics. In fact, elected officials scored slightly lower than the general public with an average score of 44 percent compared to 49 percent.

Only 0.8 percent of all test-takers scored an "A."

take the test!

i took the test and this is the result:

You answered 24 out of 33 correctly — 72.73 %

Average score for this quiz during November: 78.0%
Average score: 78.0%

...oh boo...

although i scored higher than many elected officials i'll be studying civics for the rest of the week...

...oh boo...