Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"oh boo" moment 041708


i don't mind most spiders, and will usually kill any besides a tarantula or harmless daddy longlegs, but i do not like wolf spiders!

they're gangly and fast and will invade your space faster than any others.

late night reading is one of my greatest joys and as i was sifting through some reading material last night - out of the corner of my eye there goes one of these bad boys in from the patio through a crack in the screen door.

well, needless to say i proceeded to do the jitterbug on it - only my foot didn't land directly on it until about the fifth stomp - flattened it.

my immediate thought was to preserve it for the rest of the family to enjoy - so i took a napkin and marked on it with a fat pink sharpee "DON'T LOOK UNDER HERE!" mostly because i just knew the first person up could NOT resist looking under the napkin.

f.y.i. - napkins are something we write notes to each other in the mornings for each other to find - perhaps under a coffee cup or a cereal bowl. just a quirky little nancfamily habit.

this morning, sneaking downstairs before everyone else - found the napkin about four feet from where i'd laid it over the spider and the spider was GONE!

...oh boo...

surely the spider hadn't arisen from the dead to walk off and taunt me for the rest of the day while my family was away at school and work? how could i possibly expect them to take me seriously about the monster spider when i had no evidence? i was now being held hostage by my wild imagination they'd say.

all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye i caught clawedy-boy (the cat we belong to) batting something about on the floor under the barstools so i approached him and it was THE dead spider so i went bounding (more like a slow gallop at my age) up the stairs as THEY were coming down, saying, "you've got to see this spider i killed last night - you WILL NOT believe the size of it!"

soooooooo, we get downstairs and i point over to where clawedy-boy is cleaning his paws and there's this one spindly looking little spider leg lying on the floor next to him for everybody to see.

...oh boo...